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Ok I know this is an old thread but looking to get a set of LM-R 20". Most of the guys I see are running the Ericsson offsets with 245/275 and some have said they still get rubbing unless they run big camber.

I'm in Eibach lowered springs and don't intend to get a camber kit/ plates

My option is to get the non-Ericsson offsets

20x9 et 32 (Ericsson offset is 8)

20x10 et 45 (Ericsson offset is 18)

My question is if I get the above setup and run 20mm spacers all round, I should have absolutely no issues with rubbing and setup should still be reasonably flush with 245/275 tires?

Also will the size of the lips be different from the Ericsson setup? Or are the lips dependent of rim width and not offset, therefore lip size will be the same?

The above setup is actually listed for the BMW F10 so I was thinking also when comes time to change wheels (and it will happen), I'll have more options to sell, rather than limiting to M3 only.

Any comments or thought would be greatly appreciated