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Originally Posted by michaelthepsycho View Post
Cali is the easiest state to beat tickets. I've been guilty of ZERO of my speeding tickets out of I'd say 10. What you do is:

Go to court and request a continuance on your ARRAIGNMENT. Yes. Some courts let you do that, so that's step one.

If you can't get a continuance on the arraignment. Wait until the due date on that ticket and go to court for a Trial by Declaration form. You have to pay your ticket at the same time but it'll get refunded when you win.

Wait until the due date for the TBD to turn it in. By the time this rolls around, it's already been maybe half a year and I can almost guarantee the cop will either have forgotten the events of the day or just not bother to file a response to your TBD.

*** The real battle is fought in court, not on the streets. Most low-level crooks don't know this. Hence, low-level crooks.

*** Cops get paid OVERTIME for appearing in court to demolish you. Well... Mostly it's the judge that will demolish you and not give two sh*ts about your case UNLESS you get VERY, VERY technical. This is why every cop who's leaving the traffic court gets a sh*t-eating grin on their face when leaving. They don't get paid anything for responding to your TBD.

Next time you get pulled over, just shut up and take the ticket politely and be as forgettable as possible. No use fighting a ticket on the street. It's a coin-flip and unless you're that good whore Barbie Cummings who's going to blow her way out of a ticket, you most likely won't influence the officer's decision to ticket you.

If all else fails, you get one traffic school every 18 months. Sooo TIME your tickets. If you know you've used the traffic school, then TBD. Or else, always take traffic school as a priority.
+1 first you ask for an extension then TBD and in my case by the time it was due, it had been almost a year.