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Originally Posted by Munit
It just pains me to see these beautiful pictures and it reminds me at how M engines are simply no longer works of art, crafted to the highest specs and to the maximum performance per liter by using "racing" technology such as ITB, high redline power delivery etc.

The S65 v8 and the s85 v10 are the two best engines bmw has ever produced in terms of technology, innovation and torque/power delivery. Especially the 65 which has THE flattest and most broad torque curve I have ever seen

Simply a well-engineered masterpiece with specs to pull out 104hp/litre naturally aspirated which is absolutely amazing.

The engines in the M cars now are found in all the M's in the line up right now practically and are derivatives of the regular 4.4l v8 turbo in non-m cars.

The technology is just so lacking compared to when they did naturally aspirated they had to really push the envelope to get more power out of the engine. It made the engine high strung which most of us love.

Even the headers-I have never seen a stock OEM car come with that good of quality of headers with no room for improvement. Also the absolutely brilliantly designed air-intake (not on the pics obviously) but it is a true engineering marvel.

I just think there will never be another M car that had the high level of technology precision, innovation or cutting edge racing tech

Turbo's make power so easily that you need limited tech. Not to say the M engines are not great but they did not even make wards ten best this year. The s85 and s65 won it 4 years in a row.

Anyway, brilliant engine, makes brilliant noise and performs better than anything short of a ferrari or supercar territory
Amen brotha! I hear ya! I loved hearing those engines fire up. It was like music to my ears. I wish BMW would of kept NA engines for the M cars.