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Originally Posted by Purple Derple View Post
Well I have no problem elaborating. I wasn't talking about what OP said, though I can understand that as well about DE with point bys and how that can lead to the train game. What I mean is all those turns that you have to mid track through. I counted 9 compromise corners in a row from turn 2 to 10. What that means is 1) no rest 2.) if you mess up one of those corners the whole section is blown 3.) even though the track is wide, passing in here is difficult and will hurt your lap time so slower divers will bog you down 4.) its kind of ticky-tacky with one corner blending into the next over and over and over. Similar to the complaint many drivers have of Hungaroring F1 track--they say its like a glorified kart track. It doesn't attribute itself to great racing and you can't let the car run. The reward for taking a corner better than your competitor is not an overtaking opportunity but rather just an opportunity to run up on his gearbox. Know what I mean? I get that impression from this track.

At the same time there are track that are great for driving but not so much for racing (Mid-Ohio, Laguna Seca, Lime Rock) and then there are tracks that are boring to drive but lend themselves to great racing (Watkins Glen, Road America). Also, the track takes a different character in a fast car vs slower car. Sweeping turns in fast cars become non-turns in slow cars, short straights become long straights, etc. A track designed for F1 isn't going to feel that same for a slower class of cars. In my opinion of course, but shared by many other drivers as well.
thanks for that explanation. dont have experience with a lot of tracks so helpful.

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