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Originally Posted by EliteM3 View Post

I have a trunk sub and technic's harness with the enhanced sound system. I no longer notice underseat bass.

I am wondering if there is an aftermarket underseat sub that is enough to warrant removing the trunk sub altogether and instead use the amp to drive the underseat subs.

I realize, enough is subjective, but for those that have trunk subs and upgraded underseat subs, do you have any feedback about my question?
No underseat woofer will make you forget a trunk sub. So be careful what you wish for.

What you can have is a pair of midbass woofers with a separate amp with some kind of Bass Boost. That will make the midbass be as authoritative as the sub, but at two different bands -sub and mid. The Bass Boost feature is for you to bump the midbass at the underseat woofers instead of messing with the sub level or the OEM bass adjustments (7-band EQ and bass settings).

That you will appreciate for sure.

A pair of Jehnerts XE200 and a RF P300-2 can do the trick.