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Great video, thanks! Looks to be really rewarding. Was brake and tire wear as expected?

Looks like it was pretty slippery off-line! I imagine some clenching occurred at 12:20 or so... .

Some questionable lines from that vette. Looked to be struggling a bit. Pretty quick in straight line, though.

The track seems to beg for horsepower.

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Turn 19 is actually tricky. The problem is as I got faster through T16-T18, it puts you further track left. Which means you have less time to get back to the right. Its a very deceiving turn. If you have turn in early and cut the curb you have plenty of track and can carry a ton of speed. If you don't cut the curb, you can't carry nearly as much speed. There is a subtle elevation change where its tough to see that apex. until you get set up for it.

During the drivers meeting, the track exec who was there was saying there were lots of late apexes. More than any other track in Texas, this track seems to have more corners where the fastest line is an early, blind apex...those are the ones that make me nervous!

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