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Originally Posted by bimmerjph
BMW.... I am disappoint. When BMW sells 2 million cars will they stop whoring out to FWD or is this something we are going to have to get used to?

What I don't get is that this is going to be a low-volume seller, so its unlikely this was done to increase the economy of scale for the UKL platform. I have also never heard anyone say "Damn if only that sports car was FWD I would buy it", so its not like there is a demand for it. BMW needs to realize that people buy sports cars to be sporty, not because of their efficiency, practicality, or space.

And Scott their is literally no way any engineer has made a FWD car act like a RWD car in every situation. The only thing that can be done is decrease on power understeer, but there is literally no way in hell they have made it oversteer on power without creating other serious problems (i.e. having bicycle sized rear tires and a seriously strange suspension set up and even then I am not sure its possible).
Actually, here in Chicago, I know quite a few people who would buy a FWD BMW because they don't want to deal with swapping out tires. Having been stuck in snow-filled allies and watching Honda Civics leave their parking spaces without a problem, I get it. I would consider switching from my Z4 to a smaller car because it's not like I am driving around Chicago streets like a RWD roadster should be driven anyway.

I went from a TT to my Z4 not because of the handling--in fact, theTT felt lighter on its feet--but for BMW's superior suspension and engine. When I had the FWD TT, I never had an issue in the snow even with all-season tires.

I think it's funny when people think they know what other consumers should buy with their money. Though I'm enthusiast, most of my friends and family just want good looking, reliable, and luxurious cars. I guess that's why most of them drive Lexuses.