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Originally Posted by Imola.ZHP View Post
Everyone that is bitching about this should go drive a Mini Cooper S around an Auto-X track. Once this task is completed, you will most likely STFU about it...

BMW = Mini
Mini = FWD
Mini = Fantastic

Therefore a FWD BMW will be Fantastic
I don't believe you'll change your E46, probably the best BMW ever, for a FWD BMW.

Originally Posted by Majdnoon View Post
Think about it, Cadillac has Chevy, Audi has Volkswagen, Lexus has Toyota, but BMW only has Mini, which can only be stretched so far. BMW AG needs a "common" brand like that to boost its sales, keep core enthusiasts loyal, and stop them from being bought out or going bankrupt.
BMW had such a brand. It was called Rover and had alot of potential being up there against VW, Toyota, Ford etc. As you can see they failed, and Roewe is now Chinese.

Originally Posted by Wolf View Post
All I see now on the road is 30-40 year old moms driving an F30 like its a Camry.

Same goes for Mercedes. And now even Maserati is going the sales direction.