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Originally Posted by Iron Man View Post
I think you are right about it not being sold in the US. I know in Europe you can get BMW's that are much more plebeian/less luxurious, so I think a car like this would be more acceptable for that market. By the way, I don't believe Audi sells a FWD TT in the US market. It is sold AWD only in the US.
Well, it's true there's a difference in the perception of the brand and how accessible it is between the US and Europe. Over there in the US you only seem to get the higher engine choices, yet I don't think it's as cheap to get behind the wheel of a BMW anywhere else in the world. Over here, even a small engined 3 series makes for an expensive car. I think this is the reason why Europe will tolerate a lot more, because (common though BMW's are), even the cheaper plebein/less luxurious cars are relatively expensive (compared to brands like Ford/VW/Toyota/Vauxhall(Opel)/Mazda etc. etc).

It's almost beyond logic why we do shell out as much money as we do for the lower-end premium offerings over here, given the value for money offered by the more mainstream manufacturers... so long as whatever product BMW slap their badge on is premium in at least more than it's price point, I don't think this trend will ever go away.