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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Really looking forward to this. Based off my experience with the E60 M5, there is undoubtedly room on the table for an S65 with cams + proper tuning.

I'm really considering them for my car too.. but for now, I have about 48K on the clock and full warranty + maintenance until April of 2014. I can't justify pulling the motor apart until I'm in the warranty free zone.

I had custom FI cams made by Schrick for my supercharged 330 and it made a gigantic difference. My Turbo 7 series also has a custom camshaft for the GT35 BB turbo I'm running on it at 14 PSI. I can see cams in the future for the M3 too. I remember back in the day seeing great videos of E46 M3's with cams revving to 9,000 RPM.

I think we need to start a petition for 93+ octane gas here in CA. It's either have nice weather and 91, or not the best weather and 93. I guess you can't win every battle!

but 93 in the east coast is 10% ethanol whereas 91 in cali is 0% ethanol. So at the end of the day, they are pretty much equal

i could be / probably am completely wrong about this. thats just what i always thought lol