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Originally Posted by canadian stig View Post

ANY motor can overheat on a track.You don't think the S65 motor would also overheat and shut down if the M3 didn't come equipped with an oil cooler? The only mistake Nissan made was not fitting the 370z with an engine oil cooler, and that's a mistake that can be remedied easily with an aftermarket cooler for less than $500.

As for road noise, he's interested in a race car, not a boulevard cruiser. As for the whole part about having to yell for your passenger to hear you, give your head a shake and stop being so full of shit. Yes, there is a bit more road noise. Surprise surprise, it's a SPORTS CAR! Sports cars are supposed to be noisy. but it's hardly the interior of an f16 fighter jet. I had no problem whatsoever talking to my passengers without yelling or hearing the music of the sound system. 1980's Pathfiner my @$$. But hey, if you don't like noise, then perhaps you would prefer to drive one of these instead.
Sure, Nissan conveniently decided not to include an oil cooler because they "forgot" and figured people don't need it because they don't drive their sports cars hard... Really?

Yes, sports cars make road noise... but it is pretty excessive. It is like sitting in a race car with no interior. That is what the 370Z sounds like on the highway. I went on a test drive with a salesperson in the 370Z. I was yelling at him saying, "Is there any way this can be quieter?" He said "What did you say?" I yelled it louder. He looked at me and said, "You like music? Let's listen to music." IF the 370Z was a hardcore race car, I can understand the noise. An Exige, a Ariel Atom, even a Ferrari, sure, it can be loud and unrefined. I can understand that. The 370Z is a soft car, soft steering, soft suspension, Bose audio system, soft touch plastics and leather interior - more a GT than a hardcore sports car. Nissan majorly failed in that dept. Go on the 370Z forums and read about guys trying to make their car more livable day to day. Another Nissan failure.

I love Nissan, I have owned quite a few Nissan sports cars from the past. And I have tracked every car I have ever owned in the past 15 years... But the 370z, that is a POS. I am sorry but even as a JDM fanboy, I can not accept all the compromises and half-assed engineering that went into that car.