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My most important advice to all is if you are having even minor issues before you have a kid that is an indication of the fact that you are in a wrong relationship. Get out of it as soon as you can.

That was my mistake. Because everything gets worse once you have a kid. Before my daughter was born I noticed that my X didn't take responsibly around the house. I was doing 95% all house work. I thought I could do that forever. But I was wrong.

After my daughter was born I continued doing most of the work. I work nights and took care of my daughter her until she was 5. Because my X didn't want to change her life style. I averaged 3 hour sleep a day for 5 years. Also I had just graduated from college when she was born. I wasted 5 years of my carrier. This would have been ok if she thanked my EVEN once for my sacrifice but she didn't....

I don't mean to discourage anyone. I just don't want others to suffer like me because we live a country where most of the laws were written over 100 ago. And these laws allows parasites like my X to live off my hard earned money for the next 25 years, maybe even more...