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Originally Posted by sensi09 View Post
Those air balls against utah, Kobe shouldn't have even been taking those shots at that time in his career. Those plays should have been drawn up for van exel.

Under Rudy T, the lakers were playoff bound. When he resigned though in the middle of the year, things went south.

And not going to bother with who's better than who, but everyone gets compared to Jordan....t mac, vince carter, hell even harold minor. During Kobes "era" he's the only that gets continually compared, that should speak for itself.
im sorry so wen was he suppose to take those shots? he was being given the chance to prove to everyone He should have been ready. dont say that he has been clutch t/o his career.. hes taken alot of game winning shots ofcors ur bound to get some but he`s missed alot.

if he isnt suppose to take shots early in his career coz he had van exel, now late in his career that he has pau, howard down low why is he still chucking up 25 shots per game when he knows the only way to make d12 happy is to give him more touches which in turn would give d12 more energy on the other end of the floor.