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Originally Posted by jetpilot747 View Post
Is it more expensive to maintain the m3 that is consistently tracked or does the engine take it pretty well and no additional work is needed?
I haven't had any particular problems with mine. So far the car seems reliable. Though maintentance costs are a bit more. Parts of course are more expensive with the m3 than the 370z, for no particular reason other than they have a "bmw" logo on one side and a "///M" logo on the other. brakes and tires do wear out a bit faster on the m3 vs the z due to the greater weight. and front tires really wear out a lot on the outer edge due to the crappy suspension alignment and low camber. Of course, also expect to regularly replenish lots of expensive powersteering fluid, because the brilliant ///M engineers decided to drill an enormous vent hole in the reservoir cap and everytime you take a turn a bit too fast, you splash this expensive oil all over the engine bay