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Originally Posted by LateBraking View Post
True, there are a few shops that can do this, but from what I hear, this eliminates laser and possibly weakens radar reception ability. I know conventional knowledge goes that if you get hit by laser it's too late so I guess that's moot, but if the radar portion is true, then at least it might be something worth thinking about.
1) You don't have to take it to a shop to do this. There's a DIY here: I followed it and everything turned out fine.

2) Yes, you will lose laser detection capability, but that isn't that big of a deal, as like you said, once you get hit w/laser, you're done for. Couple the radar detector w/a laser jammer. As far as radar diminishing radar detection, from personal experience, I can tell you that's false. It was also debunked in this video from Alekshop.