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People worry too much. BMW M may have some teething pains, but the next car will be good and it will be the state of the art.

I love the S65 and the E90. I had an 08 and I currently drive a 2011.5 ZCP sedan.
I believe the V8 M3 is the best (but not most pure) M3 to date.

I had a E30 M3 (loved it, but it is as underpowered as it is exotic)
I had several E36 M3s, and still have a special one.
I've tracked multiple E46 M3s.
I owned and tracked an E39 M5, which was a delight.

The next M3/M4 will be all of the above:

- Different
- Quicker
- Faster (drag racers know the difference)
- Lighter yet Larger
- More complicated
- Less reliable (drivetrain)
- Better in all tangible regards when it is doing its tasks...

That said:
I won't sign up for a debut year car.
I'm not even sure i would BUY one.

But I will SURE AS HELL lease one, and laugh all the way to "turn in" day...

After that?
Too far in the future to even speculate.

Stop worrying.
Stop Hating change.

The world is gonna change on you for the rest of your life.
To be sure:
Ask someone older than you.

There ain't shit you can do to stop it.
So don't sweat it.

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