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Originally Posted by revah2 View Post
Car and Driver is reporting a 0-60 time of 5.5 seconds and quarter mile time of 13.9 at 102.8 as opposed to my stock 335i getting 13.4 at 105.8 MPH, recorded with my Gtech pro ofcourse Havent actually brought it to the track yet. This is a very significant margin if you ask me :rocks: And to the post above this one, That really was the only thing I liked about the car- the exhaust note.
just gotta wait till they are on the road and drag strip.

I too have a Gtech and will wait and see how it pans out.
I know the g37 is friggin heavy 3800lbs and the engine has some power.

With the same driver I'd wager the 335i would win every time...

just a shame infiniti didnt have Direct port injection or a turbo setup on the g37. perhaps in 09... slap a factory turbo and/direct port injection and it will dust the 335i and be a contender against the m3.

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