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Originally Posted by Sal@Evolve View Post
For one, the development would have been already done by tuners like us before you try and 'experiment' on a customers car.
So you already have a very very good idea of the optimal cam timing, fuelling and ignition for partial load.
For those that have any problems some basic logging under partial load will tell us what we need to do and it's always almost a very small fuelling adjustment that's required. Many of the people going down these routes are also very sensitive about how their cars drive and often giver amazingly good feedback on what exactly THEY want (rather than maybe the way we like a car to feel). Based on that we always go the extra mile and make changes to meet those requirements.
Full throttle is very easy, again starts with a good base file which is developed and depending on the fuel and requirements of the customer changes can be made with the dyno as the data logging tool.

We have been doing this for a long time now. The amount of M Power cars we have retuned remotely is unreal now and they produce more safe and consistent power than many tuners which could be at the dyno.
(Sorry for the boost of our own company there... went a bit over the top!)

These days when we are remotely mapping dyno shops allow us to watch the dyno runs via logging into the dyno PC or webcam. We get masses of data logging done by the operators especially those with data links. It is like having the car on your own dyno and being there. Operators are so good sometimes they will listen out for knock for you too and incomplete combustion from the tail pipes.

Hope that answers your question. If you want a more detailed description of exactly the strategy we take please PM me.
Thanks for the detailed reply!

When you mention partial load, is this where the benefits of having a load bearing dyno start to shine? Or can similar results be achieved even on a DynoJet?

I'm so glad my friend decided to get the DynoJet DataLink Module for his dyno.

When I start modding the E90 M3, maybe I should take a similar approach to power mods. Buy all the expensive stuff before investing thousands of dollars on an aftermarket muffler, hahahaha.
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