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Originally Posted by Munit View Post
So back to the m3, if you have a top engineering company like M, designs a 8400 rpm v8 designed to operate above 6k rpms for extracting power, why would you not want to choose the transmission that it was designed with and designed to enable you to stay in that power band since that is where the power is.
Maybe you don't remember that back in 2007 when the E92M3 appeared in the first European dealerships there was no transmission option; only the 6 speed model existed. So, I guess I do agree with you in a sense: It was introduced with a 6 speed which makes it the "original configuration"; designed for a 6 speed. Why would anyone bother with something that comes along later?

All kidding aside. BMW is in the business of selling emotional experiences. That is why it behooves BMW to offer its M cars with stick plus whatever automatic version is in vogue so as to cover the pool of potential customers. While a DCT equipped driver might wonder "Why would anyone not want the luxury of a performance car that frees up two of four limbs?" even as his/her emotional desires are met in the knowledge that DCT delivers that which the 6 speed would not meet, by the same token, to the row-your-own-gears M3 owner, the DCT delivers absolutely nothing that BMW believes the M buyer should expect in one of its cars.

Originally Posted by Munit View Post

I understand the history and the "feeling" but if you choose a car designed with a certain tranny and technology-why not embrace the technology of this car or otherwise choose a different car that was designed with a manual tranny in mind-even the new m5 or a mustang or a regular 335i n54 motor etc.
No you don't. If you truly understood, you would not have started this thread and you certainly wouldn't be suggesting some of us purchased the wrong car.

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