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Originally Posted by Potty_Pants View Post
no it wont beat a 335i... but it will be close.

to the OP, the Gen 1 G35 did have a cramped back area, and Gen2 is even more cramped ( in the back ). The G35 should be compared to the 330 not 335i. True G35,G37 etc arent a bmw, they have more features, a warmer interior and imo the outside (g35c) looks better.

I've heard of four things with the g35's oil consumption problems, premature brake & clutch wear & possible manual transmission problems (syncro's grinding). these problems are/were few and far between and pale in comparison to the multitude of HPFP problems. Infiniti makes a car that looks great, performs pretty good, and you wouldnt give a second thought to drive to FL or cross country. for those 335i owners would you really trust your car to drive cross country or 24hr road trip with a deadline ??? Not I. kinda sad I cant drive my 50k car and forced to drive the sonata to florida because any hicup would be terminal to the wedding plans

Car and Driver is reporting a 0-60 time of 5.5 seconds and quarter mile time of 13.9 at 102.8 as opposed to my stock 335i getting 13.4 at 105.8 MPH, recorded with my Gtech pro ofcourse Havent actually brought it to the track yet. This is a very significant margin if you ask me :rocks: And to the post above this one, That really was the only thing I liked about the car- the exhaust note.