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Originally Posted by derek0480 View Post
I keep seeing advertisement for the "NEW" G35's...with that right??? and if so will it beat a stock 335i?

Anyone seen the stats on it yet? I just saw the commercial.
no it wont beat a 335i... but it will be close.

to the OP, the Gen 1 G35 did have a cramped back area, and Gen2 is even more cramped ( in the back ). The G35 should be compared to the 330 not 335i. True G35,G37 etc arent a bmw, they have more features, a warmer interior and imo the outside (g35c) looks better.

I've heard of four things with the g35's oil consumption problems, premature brake & clutch wear & possible manual transmission problems (syncro's grinding). these problems are/were few and far between and pale in comparison to the multitude of HPFP problems. Infiniti makes a car that looks great, performs pretty good, and you wouldnt give a second thought to drive to FL or cross country. for those 335i owners would you really trust your car to drive cross country or 24hr road trip with a deadline ??? Not I. kinda sad I cant drive my 50k car and forced to drive the sonata to florida because any hicup would be terminal to the wedding plans

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