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Oh I understand your not trying to be an ass and I understand where you're coming from. Being that you don't know me and my cars, what I've driven/raced etc. I obviously don't know you and what you've done either.

I never posted that I did a bunch of 60-0 stops...assuming what I did or have done is an interesting approach, I'll say that. What's the point of doing 60-0 stops for a track setup? I've never done that at a race track before, what kind of racing is that? Are you a piston counter? OK sorry, I'm done being an ass and I'm happy to answer any questions you guys have.

^^ I did the normal bedding process supplied by RB. Let everything cool down and went out to do my testing. Granted I didn't use a SOLO or anything to have "true" data, but I know my normal braking points where I test at. Lets say I was able to go deeper and still felt under control. That's how I know/believe that this is a great dual purpose setup. If you're going to run 20min lapping events go for the all out track pads and race tires.

Now with ^ that being said, if you want a great track setup for a "race car" that has no modulation or feel what so ever. Then it's really simple, buy something else, but if you want something to add to your driving experience then buy these plain and simple.
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