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Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
Me? No, maybe i had my head down and was working too hard but no.
We had just been to my parents house for thanksgiving where everything had gone very well, we had come back home and were discussing taking a long overdue vacation together to New Orleans and staying at a nice little B&B.
The only hint that i had that things were going to shit was that she was just not passionate...but she is from Finland and Finn and passion....don't really go together...and also we were having less sex...but again...Finn and sex...ha ha....
Any how I was at the gym parking lot getting ready to go in and realize we had not had sex in a while and thought..."well i'll be a good husband and suggest we maybe go see a specialist."
So I sent her an email stating "Girl this sex diet is not working for me and we need to talk about it."

Her response was "Call our lawyer i want a divorce."

It was mch like getting shot in the head.

My only advice to any guys is what has been not date below your means. If the girl does not have an education nor a career do not marry her and if you do get a good prenup.
And no they are not rational beings. I use to tell my x wife time and time again "Do you act first and ponder the outcome later?" and you know what....that's about how well they work.

Also, if you live out in the country or the burbs get your ass out and move closer to a large city quickly. The worse mistake i made was moving into the burbs. After a divorce you need people around you and you need a very good dating pool. Both things which are not available if you live in the burbs.
That's tough man.

I guess the point about dating at your level (in terms of career accomplishments) makes sense if you're being calculative.

Overall though, it seems like a big jump to go from good holiday gatherings to "I want a divorce". I feel like there is something missing from the story. Not saying you have to divulge all of your personal info, it just doesn't make sense to me unless I'm missing details, or your ex-wife was a psychopath.
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