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Originally Posted by jetpilot747 View Post
So basically the 370 barely out handled the m3 but m3 was still ~1 second faster at shannonville and Cayuga due to the extra ~80-90 HP. So do you reckon that if the 370 added power to around the same as the m3 and strip even more weight off, the 370 is hands down the faster track car?

Evo X would be substantially better than both as a track weapon modded? Evo can keep up with lambo murcielago lol
Basically yes. The Z has less weight, shorter wheelbase, lower centre of gravity, more aggressive suspension alignment, and if u get the sport package you also get bigger brakes and bigger wheels/tires than the M3. The Z does feel more comfortable in the corners, especially fast transitions and S turns. The M3 handles great too, but you just can't get over the weight and the overall softer feeling of the steering and suspension. It's always better to design a sports car from the ground up, than to get a family car and enhance its performance.

For a track car I'd imagine an e36 or e46 m3 would also be better than an e90/e92 m3.

Also, keep in mind when comparing cars the size and cost of the aftermarket. A 370z has much better aftermarket support than an E90 M3. There are more vendors to choose from, more quality products available, and parts are about 1/3 the price. With the M3, you will get raped by the vendors just because your car has a roundel, an ///M badge, and a "Made in Germany" sticker

For example, there are turbo/superchargers for the Z that can take you over 500 hp for a cost of about $6-10k. To get the same for the M, you can go with the $25k dinan stroker engine, or about $15-20k for a supercharger kit.

And yes EVOs are awesome too. I just don't like awd that much. I prefer the adrenaline rush you get from trying to modulate the throttle to accelerate out of a turn while being wary of oversteering and spinning out. With awd cars you just push the throttle and let the computers take over.