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I live a couple blocks away from there and let me tell you, those cops are the biggest jokes I've ever seen in my life. I was driving down Veteran going towards Gayley and I was hitting every green, but if you've ever been down the road you would know that for a lowered car that street sucks so I was going only around 25-30. As I'm going down right by the fire station I see a cop stopped at the light trying to make a left onto veteran (the opposite direction I'm going) I finally make it to the light on Gayley and out of no where I see the cop flying down towards me with his sirens on, me being within a block away from my house and I'm like great what now. I pull over and he says that my tail lights and windows are illegally tinted. I have blacklines... who in their right mind would put tint on blacklines and secondly my front windows were rolled down even when I passed him but they are technically illegally tinted. After he returned my license and registration I had to get out of my car and literally make him feel the taillights to prove that there was zero tint what so ever on it and that it is a genuine BMW part, after I told him that my windows were legally tinted due to the fact that you only cant have the windshield and front two windows tinted, and since mine were rolled down the entire time that there is no real evidence for pulling me over. He then backed off a little but still had the nerve to ask me where I go to school, if I work, where I was coming from. Finally after answering, he radioed in to his little squad that I didn't steal the car, he said that if I'm ever caught in westwood again he'll make sure I get a ticket! That idiot... I feel your pain mike, they will do anything to pull you over there. Best of luck with your ticket