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Here's a question for anyone to answer in regards to tuning cams.

As we all know, it's one thing to tune for proper safe and consistent power on the dyno. With remote tuning, how can one address the tuning for part-throttle and daily drivability?

With many of the top tuners being all over the world, it's obviously not always feasible to have them physically in the car for tuning. Cams add quite a different dimension in regards to how the engine works, so I assume that drivability has to be greatly considered with tuning.

How can this be addressed to assure stock like drivability?

Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Really looking forward to this. Based off my experience with the E60 M5, there is undoubtedly room on the table for an S65 with cams + proper tuning.

I'm really considering them for my car too.. but for now, I have about 48K on the clock and full warranty + maintenance until April of 2014. I can't justify pulling the motor apart until I'm in the warranty free zone.

I had custom FI cams made by Schrick for my supercharged 330 and it made a gigantic difference. My Turbo 7 series also has a custom camshaft for the GT35 BB turbo I'm running on it at 14 PSI. I can see cams in the future for the M3 too. I remember back in the day seeing great videos of E46 M3's with cams revving to 9,000 RPM.

I think we need to start a petition for 93+ octane gas here in CA. It's either have nice weather and 91, or not the best weather and 93. I guess you can't win every battle!
I totally feel ya on the warranty. My E90 M3 has extended warranty... Hopefully my car's main bearings need replacement under warranty to make it worth while...hahaha

Custom cams from Schrick sounds all sorts of sexy for any car! guys really need some 93 Octane...badly.

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Thank You Sir,It should be interesting
May be i will do cams soon too to get a little more power
DO IT!!!! Make it an ESS VT3-725++ hehe.

I'll keep an eye out for your upcoming thread on your buddy's car!

Originally Posted by Sal@Evolve View Post
Cams.... We like those!

It is a time consuming process to generate a calibration for cams.
We have done lots of S62's with schrick cams and The results can be found on m5board. Be prepared to be surprised.
We tune a large number of road and race S54's with cams in the UK.
S65's follow the exact same principle. We did one car in Dubai some time back but who ever fitted the cams got the cam timing wrong.

With cams it is all about fuel and vanos timing.
The vanos tuning must be done on a dyno and that's after a well prepared initial calculated profile is created by the tuner.
Fuelling for partial load even on a target based dme is not as easy as it sounds.
there is the ignition timing and too often tuners use way too much with cams.

Finally, adjustment to torque maps, idle speed, fuel enrichment maps etc all need adjusting slightly and then you are done.
Datalogging is an absolute must during this type of process.

We have a very special s65 engine being delivered to us soon. Cams + modified cylinder heads + custom headers.
This is where things start getting real interesting.

Cams should be fitted by someone who knows what they are doing and has the correct tools.
CAMS FTW!!!!! I can't wait to get mine for the S54!!!!! Better get ready, cause my friend's and I will be making you concoct some serious recipes for power on our tiny inline-6s.

Now in regards to that that special S65 Engine you speak of......please tell me more, especially about those headers....I NEED TO KNOW!
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