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Originally Posted by m3an
Originally Posted by ACSE90 View Post
There is no way to appraise a car like this. There is only 1 so there is nothing to compare it to. You might start with the GTS and go from there.

Only other way is to add up the cost of the material, quality of the work, man hours/labor and an HP calculator to crunch what has been dumped in this car.

Not a fan of the car as a whole, but I have to give it to them reducing the weight by 330 lbs, squeezing a V10 in, carbon fiber panels, and the top speed is something to be proud of.

To each his own...

I could def put an appraised value on the car.

I'm really amazed at all the hate on this board. Yes maybe the car is a little over the top and alot of $$ but someone took the time to do it, and props to them whereas half the people on this board couldnt change their own muffler out.

I think this can be done wayyyyy cheaper (e9x 6 speed bolts right up to s85 motor) while keeping the stock body too. The cost with this car is the coachwork mostly.
Not everyone is arguing that the cost is due to all the labor!

Most if the comments are about the car as a whole! Some commented that they wouldn't purchase it at the stock price.

I did give credit where credit was due, but damn bro....that car is not for the masses and it just looks off even for $40,000!