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G35 vs 335i, why do they even compare?

So about a week ago my buddy let me drive his G35.
I've had my 335i for about 7 months now.

I am in no way being partial towards BMW because I own one, but after driving that car I found myself extremely confused as to why I'm seeing comparisons between the G35 and 335i every time I troll through the magazine section at CVS >.<

The 335i, in my opinion, is completely out of its league, from everything to the feel of the car, the smoothness of the ride, the comfort and fit of the seats, the 335i completely shits on the G35. So much in fact that an 8-10 thousand dollar difference between the cars should be disregarded, because it's worth every single penny, and more!

I found myself sitting in the back seat of his car on the way to dennys, and my head was hitting the back window. The entire ride my head was down> My neck was hurting for the rest of the night. Now I'm no racist but I know generally speaking the japanese are a petite people, could this be the reason?!

In all seriousness, for those of you who have ever considered or are considering which car to buy, you shouldn't even think twice. As a matter of fact, 335i and g35 should never be used in the same sentence. Now I know what it is to drive a BMW....