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Amen. Although even overlooked by yourself is the fact that GTS brakes will lighten your wallet a better part of 40k.

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The large majority of people on here do not seem to understand how value is created, especially in the car market. The invidivual components of the car or the modifcations from stock or the performance etc is all only part of the value but where the bulk of the inflated price comes from is the scarcity-a one-of-a-kind car gives it the value. So comparing it to a car that costs the same but is better in everyway is not a proper comparison. People buying this are buying it for the uniqueness more than anything and for them buying another lambo, gt3 or whatever will not provide them with that.

Just like people with the m3 GTS feeling overpriced. The actually components were not that much better to justify price over regular m3 in terms of performance. but the fact it is truly limited and scarce is what adds the value