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2-day Event: $350 (yes, no savings here, you gotta pay to play)
Tires: Will I consume an entire set? (no, especially if you start in novice, I would just use summer tires, you won't be running very aggressively.)
Brakes: New pads for sure, new rotors? (no, same note as above)
Track Day Insurance: $400 or so (yes, but shop around)
Hotel: $200 (no way, one hour away is nothing! save the money here)

personally, i think you get more value in HPDE, b/c you spend time behind your own car and you get more sessions. The M school "gives" you food and air conditioned buildings and you get to drive latest M cars. M school reminds me of the "wine and cheese club", while HPDE is hanging out with fellow grassroots enthusiastic who can teach you a lot about cars and tracking.

Remember, you're not racing anyone at HPDE, as a novice you're learning lines, balance, and technique. If you're only doing 2 events a year, you will not need dedicated equipment for anything. The ONLY item you may consider buying is a change of brake fluids and pads. Again, all depends on how fresh these items already are, and what level you're driving at.