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Originally Posted by M3MamBo View Post
I hope you guys can help me..

I currently have '11 E92 w/zcp w/ Dinan Stage III suspension & running a spacer set up of 15/12 and I wanted to know whats the widest I can go on the Michelin's without any issues or rubbing. I tried looking around but had no luck. If you have a link to a previous thread please provide.

I want to keep the same look of its stance so I also wanted to ask this: as I increase tire width would I have to decrease spacer width to keep the same look I currently have?

thank you.

I have 12.5mm spacers front and rear and ended up getting PSS in stock sizes. On full wheel lock, a 255 would likely just rub the fender liner with 12.5mm spacers so far as I could estimate based on the very small gap with 245's. HRE recommends a 28mm offset with 255 PSS, which is the equivalent of a 3mm spacer on the ZCP wheels. You can go 295 in the rear with no spacer. I really wish the PSS came in 285/30/19 but they don't.
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