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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo
Any competent tuner should be able to tune the car for different camshafts on the dyno.

Pretty easy - only 4 vanos maps. Inlet cam warm and cold, and exhaust cam warm and cold. You can change the scaling on the axis if you need more definition in certain areas. The camshaft maps are in targeted degrees, so you can designate where you want the cam to move based on RPM and load.

Tuned an RDSport stroker a couple months ago and the owner couldn't believe the difference after driving the car.

I think this whole tuner war idea is stupid personally. As I've said a million times before, chasing numbers is a waste of time. Comparing dynos is a waste of time. Looking at DELTAS on the SAME car is the only measure of value.

You might have a car make 400whp on one dyno and 350whp on another. There are simply too many variables at play. Dyno operators can also skew results in their favor, which is why I ALWAYS use a third party to run the dyno, and have no involvement myself.

You can make a dyno queen that will make more power by desensitizing knock sensors and a few other tricks. Will the power stay there? No.

So who wins the war? The car that puts down 400whp on the dyno and a week later makes less than stock? Or the car that does 385whp consistently and reliably over long periods of time? Too much focus on pure numbers instead of delta gains. Too much focus on numbers instead of smoothness and drivability. Too much focus on WOT when you spend 90% of the time driving in part throttle. Tuning this DME is not rocket science, it's a matter of having the factory information and knowing what to do with it. I bet most tuners don't have some of the factory information that I do.

All I care is that all of my customers are happy, and I can say without a doubt that I haven't had a single complaint. I've retuned cars with various other software time and time again with nothing but positive results.

I still need to post in that 400whp thread when I have time to address a few comments in there. But for now I'm going to enjoy my last night in Las Vegas and get to that when I return to LA.

Stop wasting your time chasing numbers. It makes zero sense. Enjoy your car and your mods instead, whichever tuner you decide to go with.
Enjoy your last night in Vegas! If I was chasing numbers I'd bolt on a supercharger and be done with it. I'm chasing an aesthetic, staying all motor and squeezing what I can while not throwing a rod. I worded that title to illicit some tuner responses on a topic that has been rarely discussed. Does the rd sport motor have cams? I didn't think either stroker had headwork done.