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Anyone Running OEM 18s as Track Wheels?

I am shopping for a dedicated track set for the upcoming season. I was considering an 18x10 square setup (probably Apex or a used set of Volks).

I recently bought a 3rd car and am now considering repurposing my winter set (OEM 219s) as a track set to keep my costs down. However the obvious drawbacks are this is a staggered setup which limits my ability to rotate and the stockers are heavy. I would also likely sacrifice some grip as i would not be able to run as wide of a tire in the front. I was thinking I could upsize to 255 in the front and 275 in the rear to get close to the contact patch I could achieve with the 18x10s.

I only track a few times a year so I am not sure I want/need to invest a whole lot in new wheels when i already have a usable set in the garage. I know i am being cheap but tracking gets expensive quickly as you all know. Thoughts on running the OEM 18's?