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Originally Posted by happos2 View Post

Gonna get it if I ever have kids.
I dislike SUVs, so I was entertaining the idea to get this wagon for my wife - 4wd and lot's of space. But they screwed up at least one thing - the tires on these wheels are so low profile even in the wagon that it's going to ride harsher than an M3. And no way to get smaller wheels to put more rubber on - the brakes will not clear. I am worried that it is going to be too harsh on suspension and too low to survive in Toronto. Also, on wagon wheels look tiny (the total diameter is smaller than on M3). Probably going to be a deal-braker. I'll still test-drive it if I do not get anything before.

Audi (R)S6 wagon would be ideal - softer, tougher, and actually cheaper if not RS, but not available in US.

Other options on the list are in order of likely preference Macan Turbo (if it turns our well), SQ5, used Cayenne Turbo or Audi S7 (if I get completely disappointed by SUVs). X5 was crossed out because of its size, and the new one seems to be even bigger, and X3 is a bit too bare-bones, although I may change my mind - it's too good of a vehicle for the money. Wish they made X3M... Not to go off-topic...