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Originally Posted by mike33176 View Post
Attachment 806029Haven't raced in a while but, I beat 3 different ISF's last time out and I ran 12.25-12.6 consistantly all day for about 18-20 runs. Never lost once. I don't know if I can make it this Wed(I'm in Miami) but, I'll run with you if I can come up. I'll have to see. I will be in Palm Beach for the Supercar Weekend with our crew from Strasse Forged on Sunday. If you are around, stop by. Like I said, love to run your S4.
Well we have not scheduled time yet. If more people are interested I will let everyone know here when we actually meet etc. I have been in lower 12s with my B8 so I would love to see how close it will be.

Now Don't get me wrong I expect the B8 although it is stage 2+ to still loose ... I just want to see how close it would be and if the last mods remaining on the market would make a difference. etc.