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  • Tires - It depends on your tires, your driving style, the track (some can be hard on tires, others very gentle), temperature, your alignment, but fwiw I did several track events on street tires. You should be fine. Be sure to watch your tire pressures. (That's a topic certain to be covered if it's a good HPDE.)
  • Gas - Figure a full tank a day, maybe more.
  • Brake fluid - Definitely do a flush beforehand. It's actually required for most schools around here.
  • Pads - Stock pads can get a bit mushy on 20-30 min sessions. If you get track pads, get some that are gentle on your rotors, like Hawk DTC70s.
  • Rotors - The OEM rotors are great. You should not need to replace those from a track day. I never had to replace mine.
  • Fees - That varies by region, it seems.
  • Hotel? - Be sure to figure that in if you're going a distance. No fun to have to drive 2+ hours in the morning before prepping your car and rushing to a 7:30am drivers' meeting.
  • Food and water -- You want plenty of both. If you don't, you may experience physical issues.
  • Around here, inspection is free, usually, for DEs. It's a way for performance shops to appeal to potential customers. Check with the club.