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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
They should not stay on. There is a preprogrammed welcome light duration after which they should turn off.

Only way to leave headlights on and drain battery is either in auto mode in a dark place or with the switch all the way to the right with ignition on.

Charge battery / drive car for awhile an you'll be fine. Sometimes when the battery gets really low you'll need to clear MRS errors.
Not entirely true. It IS programmed with the duration, but I have mine set at a minimum duration and I sat there for several minutes to see if it would turn off.

It is entirely possible for the lights to stay on IF you hit the unlock button inadvertantly (fob in pocket and something presses the button) followed by NOT opening the DRIVER'S side door. Opening ANY other door/relocking/waiting ALL failed to turn my lights off. You'll note I'm not the one who had the dead battery, I saw mine happen. I'm just telling you that there is a hiccup in the coding. This may have affected the OP.