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Originally Posted by djseto View Post
Also, while you don't have instructors in you for most of the activities, you get instant feedback via radio from them and it absolutely makes a difference. A few folks in my class did HPDE days before and all said the M school was worth it. I don't think it's fair to say you learn more at an HPDE day. For example, learning to control oversteer/understeer/power sliding on a wet skid pad is not something you'd get to do running your car on a HPDE track and I would say those skills translate much more into the real world than say how to take a corner harder or faster because you *should* not be driving like a jackass on public roads.
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actually most HPDEs spend a significant amount of time on a wet skid pad and many people find it the most important learning experience. So much so, that our instructors rent out a skid pad for the day and spend all day on it, and probably not going more than 20 mph. In order to get feedback at M school is if the instructors SEES you doing something that needs to be corrected and that doesn't always happen. in an instructor sitting next you will see EVERYTHING.

I'm not bashing M School at all b/c I absolutely love it, it's just a different type of experience (and a lot more fun!).
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