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Originally Posted by Jvanloon View Post
I jumped on the boards today and saw this and i'm like wait, that's my plate. Then I read through the OPs post and realized i remember seeing someone look like they were taking a picture of themselves through my rearview...must have been actually taking a pic of my plate.

OP, thanks for cutting out the rest of my car, as it's dirty. I see much washing and cleaning in it's future this weekend

Can you beleive someone left that plate expire. STIG and THE STIG and varioius other forms were taking, but someone had actually ordered SOME SAY and left it sitting at the DMV for 3 years.

Have a great day everyone!
Small world! I saw your car on Rosecrans off the 405 last weekend while running errands, and caught myself musing "some say....what an interesting license plate". Got up behind your car at a light and saw the license plate holder and thought to myself "that is DAMN clever" since it's a subtle/ambiguous vanity plate to non Top Gear fans, and yet so obvious to those who are fans. I proceeded to lecture the girlfriend about the Stig, how he's introduced on the show, Ben Collins and his carpenter, etc etc.

Anyways, before the girlfriend could whip out her camera and take a picture, you turned off into the REI/Old Navy plaza. As fate would have it, I passed your car parked in that plaza several hours later when I stopped by REI so I made the girlfriend take a picture. She said there was someone in the car next to yours who was giving her a weird look. I wouldn't be surprised if tons of people have taken a picture of your plate, it's uniquely clever.