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Not sure where that's coming from.

Imran will post the graphs next week. Takes a long time to go through a dyno dynamics database. We shall see how many people notice the delta rather than the absolute power.

Dynjojet - we will let the customers do that. Much better coming from them directly + their feedback on the upgrade. If you want to locate them then go ahead.
We had plenty of very positive results on your dyno so you can post those too. You bought quite a few cables and carried on purchasing based on the results. It was a shame the margins were too small for you to continue with us using the cable.

Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
No one is a victim here.

I don't have an issue with anyone. You were not called out. Mike was not called out.

The same criteria for power expectation and verifying claims should be expected from everyone, as everyone can benefit from this information, share and improve. There will always be skeptics. Proven power (among other things) can simply sells more tunes, right? It would also prove the safety factor as well.

Let's locate those customers that have been on dynojets so we can benefit this information. If low numbers are your primary concern, we can simply measure deltas on the Dyno Dynamics instead - which is what should be compared, instead of peak numbers.

We build, we test, we race, we let others race with, we get feedback, and then we post results. If they don't work - we don't sell them. We've dropped a number of companies in the past for not achieving this alone.

Egos do get bruised in the crossfire, sometimes dissolving relationships. Just have to maintain an open mind and move ahead, and learn from those mistakes.

In the meantime, responding to your PM shortly.

Looking forward to seeing your results.