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The only downfall of the Vette is the fit and finish and in specific, the interior. I had always heard how great the M3 was so when the opportunity came, I decided to order one. This is without one single test drive, so that was my fault. I believed the hype. Of course the M3 shines in many areas and especially in places where the Corvette lacks but when you drop that kind of money on a car like this, I would have expected more power. In the end, I would not get an M3 again given the chance.
It's possible, even though we all love the high revving V8, that the new M3 will have so much more torque it will be great. The problems will be: can the turbo lag be minimized and will the new electric power steering suck? If BMW can devise a system with next to no lag ( very hard to do) and the EPS has good feel, then many on this forum will rethink their love of the E9X and go for the new M3/4.