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Originally Posted by myicedm3 View Post

this blows, my m3 didnt come with sat rad, but after borrwoing my moms lexus equipped with it- i miss it. it sounded amazing in her car, bummer that this bimmer tuner blows.


so now.. after much deliberating a different dealer is now saying along the lines of what you guys are saying

quoting me 375 to obtain enabling codes and then 2 hours labor @ $135 p/h

so approx $700 bucks to enable sirius in the M3

what to do... what to do...
If you know anyone with a similar car with Sat radio, listen to theirs and then decide. Does your car have the iPhone connections? If so, I think you're better off paying for something like Pandora or MOG (my favorite) and playing those apps via your iPhone connection. MOG is like Spotify, but they hands down have the best audio quality. You can either stream music (but this will affect your data usage) or just download the songs directly to the app on your iPhone. If you want good audio quality and no commercials, you'll need to subscribe vs. use the free versions. MOG is a whopping $9.99 a month. Well. Worth. It.

Another option is HD Radio. This is a feature I had in my 2010 335i but not in my 08 M3 and I miss it dearly.