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Originally Posted by pbonsalb View Post
You can just notice it if you are looking for it. It is not dramatic. I did not measure before and after. I doubt it is more than about an inch, but do not know for sure. Probably Turner or other sellers of the H&R explain the drop.

You do not want to drop much with springs alone because of the limited suspension travel on these cars. If you want to drop more than very minimally, you should use coilovers so the suspension travel is preserved by lowering the springs on the strut and by using shorter struts. Just using a sleeve kit will lower the springs on the strut but the stock struts are not shortened and are not valved for much higher spring rates. It will work, at least for a while, but is not the best solution.
Thank you for the detailed explanation on that man. I'm thinking on going with KW v3's with the EDC module. If it would've been close to Spring, would've bought them by now. Just don't have the energy to buy them and just leave them sit there until Spring.