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Originally Posted by JamJay View Post
The RS will arrive and perhaps for you guys in the U.S this time; I don't believe you got the 5cyl MK2 RS did you? Rumour has it that it will use a 2.3L 4cyl designed to go into the new Mustang (a Mustang with 4cyl?!) originally. Apparently 330-350bhp BUT FWD again although with Revo-knuckle. It'll be a blast, the RS's alway look great, I've had the pleasure of growing up with all the great Ford RS series cars here in the U.K. However, will I buy? I'm just not loving the FWD honestly.

I wonder if you guys will get the Saturn Astra in it's latest form? The Vauxhall/Opel Astra VXR has 280bhp and LSD from factory, FWD.
Nope we have not received any RS. And as far as the Astra goes, Saturn is dead, so they'd have to peddle it under a different brand.