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Originally Posted by Dr. G View Post
I've held LVS since 09 haha, It's around the same level it was late 2010 and I feel like an idiot for sitting and holding onto it ever since. Oh well at least it started paying dividends this past year.

Hoping for it break to through $60?
Held onto since 09?!? Wow...very good investor, must be nice to have those nice gains. I'm hoping it break to $60 soon, with Macau going nuts, the new high speed railway, all the upgrades from everyone and rumors of REIT, I think it's very possible. If REIT happens, we hit jackpot, it's going to $80+. Love the volume these days too.

Last month only with the $2.75 per share dividend along with the normal .25 per share dividend was a nice Christmas bonus for us!

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