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I first want to give you guys a little background about my car. I have a 2013 E92 M3 which you probably knew from my sig. I bought it brand new with 9 miles on it and the car currently has 4948 miles and is roughly 9 weeks old. On Monday I was driving on the highway and I got the "Engine Malfunction,reduced power warning" and also the " Increased Emissions" warning on the iDrive. The redline went to 4,000 RPMS and the car was hesitating very badly and from what I could gather didn't seem to be running on all cylinders. So obviously I stopped and had the car towed to the dealership. SA told me that being late in the day they probably won't get to it till tomorrow and she will give me a call. So I get my loaner, which to my surprise was a 740i, and l'm on my way. As promised I get a call the next day saying that I have two bad fuel injectors one in cylinder two and another in seven. They have to order the parts and it will take a couple of days but they expect it to be done on Wednesday. So I'm thinking ok thats not to bad it could be much worse. This is where it gets interesting. The dealership called me yesterday saying that they replaced the fuel injectors in cylinders two and seven and they are working fine but now cylinder 8 has low compression and they have diagnosed it to something internally and are going to pull the engine to get to the cylinder and to expect to not have the car for at least a week maybe two Obviously at this point I'm pissed and freaking out at the same time. Really.. You have to take the f#$%&*@ engine out!

Sorry for the long post I'm sure a lot of you guys stopped reading halfway through but I would really appreciate any input or advice on this. Is it necessary to be this evasive? I have a couple of videos I will try to post of the noise while the car is running.

UPDATE: Here's the link to a video of the noise.

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