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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Sounds like you're an overly aggressive driver. Save it for the track.

I've had my oil temps to 300F on 100+ degree days on the track. It should never stop pulling unless it's truly overheating.

I'm not sure where you come up with many of the conclusions you come to on various posts. Opening the hood and coming back to a cold car 30 minutes later doesn't mean that the engine is better than any other at dissipating heat.

I'd be more concerned with oil and coolant temperatures with the car running because that's what matters, and that's a true measure of efficiency.

Go drive an M3 and beat it to redline a few times and you'll see it go past 210 very quickly. 210 is not cool, it normal operating temp.

Now do the same thing with an X5M (even ones that I've tuned), and you'll struggle to get it past 210 in the first place.

Coolant should be 80-100C in normal conditions, up to 110 in extreme conditions such as a hot day, with a pulley, on the track.