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Originally Posted by aussiem3 View Post
If you take a vote on this forum, it will be unanimously BPM. Period. I've put off getting a tune for over five years, because I was not convinced a tune would give you any gain or added driveability. This was purely based on my experience with DMS when I had my E46 M3. It did nothing to enhance my driving pleasure.

After reading a lot on this forum, I was finally convinced BPM offered something different. I am a convert now ... just the entire process beginning from enquiry to the tuning ... it was top notch.

I did approach Sal, and he gave me all the information and pros and cons. He never once criticise any of the other tunes offered by various vendors. He refused to comment when asked as to how his tune was different from the rest. Same goes to Mike.

Ultimately, I made the decision to go with Mike. I am happy. Same cannot be said about other vendors. Some vendors failed to return my enquiries. Some were not forthcoming with the information. Neither were they critical of the other tuners. Looks like there is a common respect for one another amongst the tuning fraternity.

I exchanged close to 15 PMs with Mike before I finally decided to go ahead. In addition to a good tune, you need professional and polite and informative customer service. Mike gives you that. You need to give credit, when credit is due. That's what I have done. Call me bias, I don't care. I am happy.

15 exchanges to talk about a basic tune? I can see why other vendors would have cut their losses as people that are really needy tend to be problematic buyers who complain with their purchase.

Anyway if you want a completely faster car you need to do 3 things. Get rid of cats, drop in filter and a tune. ESS I have. I would trusts benvo or evolve as well.

Then if you have access to really maximize thrust make sure you run 95 octane in order to consistently hit the more aggressive timing targets set in the tune to enable full power. It is unbelievable!