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Originally Posted by m33 View Post
I think you should pay close attention to what I said in my first post.
I did over 50 launches back to back each time I went to the drag strip ... "50" ! I went to the drag strip twice with this car , second visit at the track I couldn't utilize launch control so I would hammer it off the line ... 50 times back to back runs , that will cause a hot spot in the odd side of the clutch pack , meaning all odd geared engagements will shift with slight annoying delay , clunky!

Calibration failed and requested clutch replacement...

Go hammer your car at the track like I did and you too will experience what I did...

I installed new a clutch pack and the car shifts like it did the first day I drove it in Munich..
i see i see.

so doing it once or twice in quick succession and driving a few miles afterwards to let it cool down shouldnt cause this issue?