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Powder Coating Color Question (Gunmetal)

Hey all,

I recently had my ZCP rep wheels PCed at Worco Powder Coating in Long Beach. They did a Steel Gray from Cardinal ( code T028-GR02) as they thought that would be close to gunmetal. After receiving the wheels, the color is definitely a dark gray, not a metallic (and certainly a bit darker) as gunmetal should be. There was an issue with the original PC job, so they need to be blasted and redone anyway.

Does anyone have experience with Worco or have a suggestion to an alternative powder manufacturer / color to use aside from cardinal? I am trying for the look of the attached pic. I have done some research, but as we all know, an internet color sample from a company's website is not a good indication of the final result. Should an experienced powder coater be able to customize a color like that? Also, has anyone had PCing done in gunmetal and get a result like that below? I have no experience with PCing, so I reach out to you!

Thank you!
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